Building Permit Application Process

Building Permit Portal

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Provide Plans for Review

When a permit is required, it is necessary to provide at least three sets of plans to the building department for review. After the plans are reviewed and approved, the applicant will get a set returned to him/her which has a stamp of approval from the building department.

Submitted documents shall reflect all proposed work. Plans shall be clear enough such that if you were to hand them to a complete stranger, he/she would be able to construct the project as you intend.

Keep Approved Plans at Job Site

This approved set of plans must remain on the job site for the duration of the project. These plans must be available to the inspector, or inspections will not be performed. The second set of approved plans is retained by the building department. An additional copy of the floor plan is required and is sent to the assessor's office for their records.

Commercial Projects & Non-Conventional Construction Rules

Most commercial projects, as well as any construction that does not meet the requirements for "Conventional Light-Frame Construction" as specified in Chapter 23 of the California Building Code (CBC), must be designed, and all plans and documents stamped, by a qualified architect or engineer licensed by the State of California.


Please feel free to contact the Building Inspection Department at 661-854-2822 with any questions about inspections or permits for your project.