Citizen Volunteers

The Arvin Police Department Citizen Volunteers are a team of citizens who have an interest in contributing to law enforcement and the community. Volunteers give law enforcement officers the opportunity to reduce crime and increase law enforcement services in a variety of ways like helping with crime watch, security checks, traffic control, and much more. They are not police officers, do not take enforcement action, carry weapons, or make arrests. Volunteers must attend a Citizens Police Academy in order to participate in the program.

The Arvin Police Department relies heavily on the dedicated men and women who volunteer for the police department.

Volunteer Duties

Examples of duties of the Police Volunteers include but are not limited to:

  • Crime prevention (passing out flyers, assisting the public)
  • Crime watch foot patrol and vehicle patrol
  • Emergency call-outs (perimeter security, child care at the station)
  • Records functions (courier services, fingerprinting, audits, archiving)
  • Security checks of homes and businesses
  • Special events (Wild Flower Festival, Christmas Parade, etc.)
  • Traffic control (at special events or emergencies)


For more information, please contact the Arvin Police Department at 661-854-5583.