Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership Officer

The City of Arvin and the Arvin Police Department is proud to partner with the Arvin Union School District in implementing the Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (G.R.I.P.). G.R.I.P. works within Arvin in implementing targeted gang prevention strategies to at-risk youth, families, and communities. G.R.I.P. has proven to be a very successful program and is truly unique by virtue of the commitment and efforts of such a wide range of collaborative partners.

Components of G.R.I.P.

The core components of G.R.I.P. include:

  • Enforcement efforts that include truancy and curfew sweeps, as well as prosecution
  • Intervention strategies, case management of at-risk youth and families
  • Prevention efforts that focus on community engagement and education of faculty, parents, and students on the risks and impNeighborhood Crime Watchacts of gang behavior

Program Staff

Program staff offer support and resources to students and families and provide the coordination of services among all of the collaborative partners.


Arvin Police Department G.R.I.P. Officer can be reached at 661-854-5583.