Reserve Program

The Arvin Police Department's Reserve program offers individuals a challenging opportunity to be of service to their fellow citizens. As a reserve officer, you will assist the regular members of the department in the fulfillment of its mission, "To protect and to serve."

When you become a police reserve officer, you will be trained for law enforcement service by experienced officers. This training meets the standards established by POST for both regular and reserve police officers. You will be required to perform a minimum of sixteen hours of duty a month, which includes training and meetings. You will not receive a salary for service with the reserve program.

DutiesExplorer Post 611

Reserve officers have ample opportunities to complete their duties in the Field or Support Services Divisions:

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Firearms/Range
  • Investigations
  • Patrol
  • Special Assignments
  • Traffic
  • Training

Appointment Levels

Reserve Officers will be appointed at the levels for which they are qualified, based upon academic work, training, and/or experience as indicated:

  • Level III - Penal Code sections 830.6(a)(1) and 832.6(a)(2): Level III reserve officers may perform specified limited support duties, and other duties that are not likely to result in physical arrests, while supervised in the accessible vicinity by a Level I reserve officer or a full-time regular officer. Additionally, Level III reserve officers may transport prisoners without immediate supervision.
  • Level II - Penal Code sections 830.6(a)(1) and 832.6(a)(2): Level II reserve officers may perform general law enforcement assignments while under the immediate supervision of a peace officer who has completed the Regular Basic Course. These officers may also work assignments authorized for Level III reserve officers without immediate supervision.
  • Level I - Penal Code sections 830.6(a)(1) and 832.6(a)(1): Level I reserve officers may work alone and perform the same duties as full-time regular officers.