A blue body of water surrounded by land with a small island in the middleThe City of Arvin treats all water that goes down the drains of residential and commercial properties at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Once treated, the water is used to irrigate farmland around the City to grow non-food crops.

With a Capital Improvement Plan for Wastewater Expansion already developed, the City's sewer system is prepared to meet current needs and can be expanded to handle future development as well.

Ready to Help

Whether you're wondering where the sewer lateral is for your building, have questions about Sanitation Charge on your tax bill, or just want to report an issue with the sewers, the Wastewater Department is ready to help. Give them a call or send an email.

Did You Know?

The City of Arvin property tax bills include a Sanitation Charge based on the type and size of building owned.