Communication & Records Division

The Communications Center serves as the hub of the day to day operations of the Police Department. During emergency situations, communications become the center of activity for the Police Department.


The communications staff is primarily responsible for three emergency 911 lines, one seven-digit emergency line, three police channels and they additionally monitor Kern County Sheriff's department. In addition to these primary responsibilities, Communications enters and retrieves data from NCIC/CII and CJIS. Besides this, they meet the general public and keep a check on security monitors. The Communications unit continues to provide essential services to the officers of the department, the general public, and allied agencies.

Police Dispatchers

In addition to providing service to the public at the front counter of the Police Department, Police Dispatchers also answer police business lines. They provide clerical services for the department. After receiving reports approved by Sergeants the appropriate copies are made and distributed. Complete case packages are then prepared for submission to the District Attorney's Office for the consideration of filing criminal complaints like:

  • Answering a wide variety of questions are all part of the duties of the Police Dispatchers
  • Correspondence
  • Filing
  • Giving directions
  • Reports are sold
  • Taking messages
  • Various fees are collected and processed