City Clerk

City Clerk Overview

The City Clerk's Office is the central hub of the City of Arvin. The City Clerk has the following duties:

  • Maintains records of City Council proceedings
  • Processes and preserves official City records
  • Processes and provides responses and/or correspondence related to claims and complaints
  • Provides municipal services to the community such as business licensing, dog licensing, and rental of City facilities
  • Serves as Municipal Elections Officer and filing officer for Campaign Statements and serves as the Secretary and provides administrative support to the City Council, all City Boards, and the City Manager


As Custodian of Records, the City Clerk serves as the official record filing center for all City records including but not limited to agendas, resolutions, ordinances, agreements, and minutes. In addition, the City Clerk processes and provides responses to requests for copies of or information regarding all official City documents.

To obtain copies of public records, you may mail, fax or email a Public Records Request Form (PDF) to:
Cecilia Vela, CMC, City Clerk
City of Arvin – City Hall
200 Campus Drive
P.O. Box 548
Arvin, CA 93203
Phone: 661-854-3134
Fax: 661-854-0817
Email Cecilia Vela

Form 806 - Public Official Appointments