Street Light Outages

For reporting Street Light Outages in Arvin, you may go directly to PG&E's website. You may also call City Hall at 661-854-3134 and they will file the report with PG&E for you. Some lights are serviced by the City, however, most lights are serviced by PG&E. If after filing a report with PG&E, you receive a message indicating that PG&E does not service that light and instead serviced by the city, you may call to report it to City Hall.

Information to Know

Before calling City Hall or PG&E or going onto their website, please have the following information available:

  • Location of the pole (cross streets and nearest address)
  • Pole Number(s) (located somewhere towards the middle of the pole)
  • Type of pole/light, if known:
    • HP Sodium Vapor
    • Incandescent
    • Mercury Vapor
    • Not on a pole
    • On a light pole
    • On a metal pole
    • On top of a post
    • On a traffic signal pole
    • On a wood pole