Why should I get a building permit?

A building permit is required by law and is intended to protect life and property. When you obtain a building permit, you have the comfort of knowing that your project is being reviewed and inspected by qualified personnel who are trained and experienced in this line of work.

Plan Review

Most projects begin with a plan review before a permit is issued. A large majority of potential problems are discovered at this stage and resolved before the project even begins. This saves unnecessary construction delays, time, and money, as opposed to discovering the errors in the field after materials are delivered and/or installed. Plan review and inspection fees for building permits are nominal and are a small price to pay when you consider the alternatives. Wouldn’t you rest assured knowing that your construction project was approved by experts?

Project Construction

During the construction of your project, an experienced building inspector performs periodic inspections to verify the work is properly completed and meets code requirements. The inspector may also be able to provide suggestions or recommendations since they, most likely, have experienced similar situations in the past!

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